Australian Students Visit Taiwan Headquarters

Recently, 24 students from Australia, were lucky enough to visit the Shen Long Dragon Mountain Lodge in Taiwan. Glnyis has posted a brief report on her experience in the Forum.

New Conference Paper on Mind-Body Added

The annual World Tai Chi Ch'uan Shenlong Day was held at the Shen Long Mountain Lodge in Taiwan in March this year.  A copy of the paper wrritten and presented by Stephen Frost had been posted for registered students to read.

Harvard Medical School says Tai Chi is One of the Five Best Exercises

Harvard Medical School - 5 of the best exercises you can ever do

If you’re not an athlete or serious exerciser — and want to work out for your health or to fit in your clothes better — the gym scene can be intimidating. Just having to walk by treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines can be enough to make you head straight back home to the couch.

Yet some of the best physical activities for your body don’t require the gym or require you to get fit enough to run a marathon. These “workouts” can do wonders for your health. They’ll help keep your weight under control, improve your balance and range of motion, strengthen your bones, protect your joints, prevent bladder control problems, and even ward off memory loss.

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Tai Chi improves health of COPD sufferers

Tai Chi improves health and quality of life for COPD sufferers

15 August 2012

A new University of Sydney study has found Tai Chi can be an effective form of exercise therapy for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), improving exercise capacity and quality of life.

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