On behalf of the International Shen-long Tai-chi Association of Australia, I welcome you to this website.  Your presence and interest honors us.

We owe our existence to Late Grandmaster Wu Kuo-chung, who first came to Australia in 1986.  I was fortunate to learn from him at that time.  He returned in 1989 and in time became an Australian citizen.

We disseminate tai chi through cultural activities, and we learn and share how to apply the principles of tai chi in our dealings with our families, friends and colleagues.  We follow other international Shen Long Associations in other countries by continuing the tradition of great grandmaster Cheng Man-ch’ing, who spread tai chi as a focus of international friendship, as well as improved physical health, self-defence and spiritual development among practitioners.

Even though I am a western person, I greatly value the wisdom of tai chi principles and the beauty of Chinese culture.  Tai chi philosophy is universal, and the deep and fundamental truths it reveals are clear within the hearts and minds of all people.  It enhances knowledge of our own culture and develops a deeper root and appreciation of who we are and where we all come from: fundamentally we are human and share the same needs.

I wish you peace and joy.  

Stephen Frost, President of the International Shen-long Tai-chi Association of Australia.

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